Mariadb Tomcat Docker environment

This is a docker-compose yml,Integrated Mariadb、phpMyAdmin、tomcat Docker

How to start

  • install docker-ce and docker-compose
  • change to project directory to build and run docker
    sudo docker-compose up -d --build
  • use phpMyAdmin restore database (options)
  • build project war file and put to tomcat-webapps directory
  • browse http://yourip:8080/warFileName

docker information

  • mariadb:latest
  • phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin:latest
  • tomcat:8.5.49-jkd8-openjdk

default information

  • tomcat manager account and password admin / mypassword112233
  • mariadb root default password myadmin123
  • phpMyAdmin default port 8088
  • tomcat default port 8080 ;AJP port 8009
  • tomcat workspace is tomcat-webapps
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